Ceramic Sculpture Vase

— Weiss

Petra Weiss, born in Cassina d’Agno near Lugano, feeling this call of the sea innately, in Tremona, lives the artistic atmosphere of the atelier of a great Swiss sculptor, whom I had the pleasure of meeting, Max Weiss, his father, together with the attention of a fine journalist and writer, his mother Nix Weiss. The early manipulation of the clay immediately led her to set up shop, to learn, attending the studio of An- Toine de Vinck in Brussels. Where he pursues the secrets of cooking and learns the art of the lathe, becoming a virtuoso lathe capable with naturalness of following the form to his will. After a short internship in Geneva, in 1966 he arrived in Faenza in the studio of Carlo Zauli, which became a magical place where young musicians, dressed as assistants, elaborated the new great ideas of the master and experimented with the diffusion of stoneware. It will be the stoneware that, formally crossing the boundaries of the vase or container, will bring dignity to the expression of ceramics, transforming the artifact into real sculpture, even in large dimensions.
H: 27 cm
W: 22.5 cm
D: 23 cm

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