The Volumnia project was born inside the Church of Sant’Agostino, thanks to Enrica De Micheli, a gallery owner with twenty years’ experience in the world of antiques and design.

In October 2018, Volumnia was inaugurated, bringing to life a space in which art, culture and social life meet and come together, thanks to Enrica’s vision and the realisation of her dream.

During the restoration work, the original Renaissance layout of the Basilica was brought back to light, with its immense spaces, majestic colonnades, stuccoes and affreschi. The external courtyard with the annexed monastery carpentry was also recovered. This place of great charm gives rise to a new desire in Enrica, the idea of creating a restaurant.

Thanks to the meeting with Luigi Taglienti, the project to create a special place for the city of Piacenza and for all Volumnia’s visitors who love art, culture and beauty came to life. A space that can be experienced as a continuation of the gallery experience under the direction of Michelin-starred chef Luigi Taglienti. Enrica works on the research of historical design with an eye to contemporary art, proposing a very accurate investigation, to affianchor a sofit design linked to the world of furniture.
It hosts Giorgio Milani, Giuseppe Tirelli, Gianluigi Colin, Carlo Brandelli and Ewa Wilczynski and the young emerging artists proposed by the Ducato Prize.

During the 2019 Milan Design Week, Volumnia is dedicating a major exhibition to Gabriella Crespi, which has met with great international success.

This year it is the turn of Franco Albini and the exhibition is the occasion to launch the publishing project i libri di Volumnia, with the dream of creating artist’s books.

While waiting for the next design exhibition to be announced in 2024, Enrica participates in Nomad, weaves together artistic programmes with XNL, Piacenza’s contemporary arts centre, and continues her collaboration with Davide Groppi.

Volumnia has always inspired Enrica towards new projects.
The history and charm of this space immerse the visitor in a unique and affascinating experience, recognising its aesthetic uniqueness as a place of the senses.

Volumnia / Stradone Farnese 33, Piacenza, Italy/
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