Exhibition –
23 November 2019
28 December 2019

A L I Sculptures by Giuseppe Tirelli

Volumnia spaces are filled with the sculptures by Giuseppe Tirelli (1957), artist based in Piacenza. Human and legendary figures from different ages, continents and narrations, provide a human cosmos infused with references and evocations aim to develop our imagination and interpretation with respect to modern age. What they all have in common is the clear desire to “spread their wings” whether the reference is an Angel or a Lucifer, either mythological or fairy tales figures like Peter Pan and Don Chisciotte. To the artist their spirituality is protected through his gesture and technique in line with the sculptural traditional methods.


Tirelli, in modeling his images, shapes terracotta, creates figures in chromatic resin or synthetic stone sculptures. Sometimes he uses the chisel to model sculptures directly from the marble surfaces. He says: “Nowadays anybody can make perfect sculptures thanks to either technology and computer, but that is not my style and never will be. I do not want to run the risk to lose the vitality of my spirit”.

A project by
Giuseppe Tirelli

Curated by
Enrica De Micheli

Introduction text by
Tiziana Pisati

Volumnia / Stradone Farnese 33, Piacenza, Italy/
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